Getting Bay Area Local Businesses More Leads and Customers

Is Your Website Getting You More Customers…
Or Costing You Money?


Getting More Customers

Right now, your website is probably costing you money. When you first got online, you wanted your website to generate more leads and customers for your business. Maybe it hasn’t gone the way you wanted it to be. Maybe your website now is costing you money instead of earning it.

Getting More Customers the Right Way

When it comes to large purchases, only 3% of your visitors who will buy are ready to buy now. The other 47% who are doing researching are never fought over. Here’s where we’re different – by building a relationship with these customers, when they are ready to buy, they will have you top of mind.

This is a massive opportunity for your business, and I want these future customers to choose you.

How It Works

The days of print ads and Yellow Pages are not over – they’ve worked before so why change things now? Today, 1 in 3 online searches are for local businesses, and everyday, millions of people are going online. Now when 83% of people first search online before making a purchase decision, it makes sense that your website should be ready to receive visitors and turn them into customers.

Contact Info

If you’re a business owner that wants more customers through your website, call (415)-944-7346 now for a free 30-minute consultation (normally $250) where we will walk through and audit your website to identify gaps where you are losing customers and money. At the end of the call, you’ll walk away with no obligation and have learned what these gaps are and how to fix them.

If you have questions or would like more information, contact me at or call (415)-944-7346. Our office at MagnetClose is waiting.

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